You will need:

- A quarter cup of desiccated coconut
- 1 cup of coconut milk
- 2 teaspoons of ground flaxseed/coconut flour
- 5 ml vanilla extract
- Dash of salt


1. Place the desiccated coconut in the bottom of a pot and place on a medium-high heat. Cook until it is slightly toated, but watch it does not burn!
2. Add the coconut milk/cream and slowly bring to the boil
3. While stirring, add in the ground flaxseed/coconut flour and vanilla extract. Continue to stir until it starts to thicken - this should take 5 - 8 minutes.
4. Remove from the heat and allow to thicken a bit more as it cools.
5. It is ready to serve, add anything your heart desires - honey, some berries, macadamia butter etc.