A study in Japan has linked diabetes to the reduction in the hippocampus and total brain volume. The hippocampus is involved in the storage of long-term memory, which includes all past knowledge and experiences. The study looked at 1238 men and women in Japan and found that compared to people with normal glucose tolerance, those with diabetes had lower total brain and brain-to-hippocampal volumes.

The same was not found in those who were still in the stage of insulin resistance or impaired glucose tolerance, sometimes referred to as pre-diabetes. This indicates that those who have had diabetes for a longer period of time are more at risk. The good news that the earlier you pick up possible diabetes, the sooner you can put measures into place to manage your blood sugar levels.

These findings suggest "that the careful control of postprandial plasma glucose levels is important to prevent hippocampal atrophy and the subsequent development of dementia in individuals with diabetes," the researchers concluded. Find someone that can guide you on making the necessary changes to your diet so that you can do just this.