This recipe comes from my new best friend, the Real Meal Revolution. To be honest, I was skeptical, I mean crumbing fish in desiccated coconut?! Turns out it is both genius and delicious.

You will need:

- 500 g white fish (must obviously be cleaned, de-scaled etc.), cut into 30 g chunks
- 2 eggs, beaten
- 2 cups desiccated coconut (I didn't try it but it may be quite nice to add some spices to the coconut to give it some extra flavour)
- butter, coconut oil or olive oil for frying


1. Dip each fish cube into egg and then into the coconut and set aside.
2. Once all your fish is coated, eat up your butter/oil in a pan
3. Fry each piece of fish until cooked through and golden brown.
4. Serve with some home-made mayo and a big colourful salad.