This dish incorporates the powerful purple vegetable aubergine which is packed to the brim with antioxidants. The addition of whole tomatoes kicks up the vitamin C and the feta provides both creaminess and protein.

Enjoy it as a meal on its own or as a side dish.

You will need:

2 large aubergines, sliced lengthways.
1 tablespoons of olive oil
130 g feta cheese
1 tin of whole, peeled tomatoes
1 onion, finely chopped
1 large red pepper, cubed
2 garlic cloves, finely chopped / 1 teaspoon of crushed garlic
1 teaspoon of sugar
2 tablespoons of dried mixed herbs / dried basil / oreganum
salt and pepper


1. Place the sliced aubergine, drizzled with olive oil, under the grill for about 10 minutes.

2. While the aubergine is grilling, make the tomato sauce: place the tin of tomatoes in a pot, along with the onion, garlic, red pepper, sugar, salt, pepper and herbs. Bring to the boil, and then reduce heat and simmer for 20 - 30 minutes.

3. Now layer the aubergine, tomato sauce and feta in a casserole dish, ending with the aubergine on top.

4. Place in a pre-heated oven at 200 degrees Celsius for about 20 minutes. Enjoy!